What I believe and what I do

I believe in being yourself, being alive and that we are all uniquely different yet fully embraced by God (and therefore should embrace others).

I love music and I'm raised on both Gospel, 80s Rock and aggressive techno (and love almost everything in between)

I started drumming in bands and church at age 11, picked up a video camera at 12, later became a graphic designer, published my first website in 1999, then turned into a youth worker, videographer, rapper and DJ and have given a ton of concerts on the streets.

Today I work in TV production in Norway, give (online- and real-life-) courses on various video & design topics, create videos, music and photos and speak on creativity, identity and being yourself.

I've met many diverse people ranging from Reinhard Bonnke (Christian evangelist) to Mick Foley (Professional wrestler) and I would like to travel and meet you! (Just invite me) :)

About you

I believe you are created to create, you have something inside of you that needs to be expressed and I believe that one (wo)man with a laptop, phone and camera can change the world.

That's why I teach visual skills not just to aspiring professionals but help passion-based entrepreneurs, ministries and creatives to express their heart's message with style.

(Using affordable easy to use tools for photo, video, design, courses & websites)

I believe that you are created to create and express yourself.

Don't be afraid to stand out!

I believe you don't have to fight creative technology, you just need some help to learn to use it to express your heart and take your passion-based business or ministry to the next level visually.

Without stress and overwhelm.

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