Hi, I'm Tobias.

I make relaxing, prayerful beats, create animations and motion graphic title templates, teach about Animations Without After Effects, hold video courses and speak about creativity, identity and faith.


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AnimationsWithoutAE (on YouTube)

My Premiere Pro presets (free download)

Tobias Michel TV (on YouTube)

Online courses (Premiere Pro, Filmora & iPhone video editing for beginners)

My video courses in Norway


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My Wife's Vitamin D Lifestyle And Recipe Book

My Wife's Art & Design

My Wife's Health Coaching




I create atmospheric soaking music with calming sounds, forward moving beats and spoken words. Lay down, relax, be filled and enjoy the creativity. - Listen: LovableSounds.com


As a creative person, life is difficult enough to figure out. What to do with close people who keep stepping over the borders I set? - Here's what I've learned so far.

My heart is to help other creatives, who might not fit in, to grow emotionally and to pursue their purpose anyway.

Let's connect: hi@tobiasmichel.com