Musician and public speaker talking about creativity, identity and faith.

Enjoy the relaxing sounds 

I create atmospheric soaking music with calming sounds, forward moving beat and spoken words. Lay down, relax, be filled and enjoy the creativity.

Soaking with a beat

I love performing longer sessions with soaking music with a beat. You can still relax to it but it is a bit more unusual and kind of like a DJ performance. Take some time to listen and get energized.

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As a creative person, a dreamer, thinker and doer who loves inspiration and people, yet needs it all to be in some kind of balance, life is difficult enough to figure out. What to do with close people who keep stepping over the borders I set? - Here's what I've learned so far.

Video + Branding Skills for web-preneurs

I enjoy teaching my video and media knowledge to you. So if you want your videos, YouTube show, online courses, ebooks or slides to look better. And you don't want to get overwhelmed by media-technology. You've come to the right place.

Say "hi" and book me to speak and perform.

Book me to perform and speak about creativityidentity and stress-free media-production on your podcast, event & church.


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